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I then said “I am a white Anglo Saxon protestant first born son who flew F-4s in Vietnam.” That got his attention. Kenny is the only instructor pilot I remember from my F-4 RTU. “It was before we had enough unmanned systems,” Peksens explained. Bruce Edwards appreciated the extra set of eyes. It was a hangar queen for one and a half years.”. The shadow from Rudi Peksens’ RF-4C is visible in a bomb damage assessment image he took over North Vietnam. It first entered service in 1961 with the Navy. F-4 Phantom II TD-622. But Woody Cox recalled: “The Sidewinder thing never got anywhere. Crossing the river dividing Laos and Thailand, he pulled the throttles to idle and headed for Nakhon Phanom Air Base, just inside Thailand’s eastern border. An F-4 Phantom loaded with fuel tanks and four Sparrow missiles patrols the skies above Vietnam. Kenny heard the bad guys shooting and and acted as a tree-borne forward air controller. “The last 300 feet was pure luck,” he said. Click on this link to see me, 1Lt. At the altitudes F-4s flew over North Vietnam, the missile had a kill radius of approximately 65 meters, but anything within 100-120 meters of the detonation would be severely damaged. What follows is Ray Battle’s comments on the mission: Kenny Boone and I were flying a fast mover FAC mission along the Ho Chi Min trail in Laos. The SA-2 SAM was a 32 foot long flying supersonic telephone pole. Both Ross and his backseater ejected and were picked up. The barely conscious pilot lowered the gear and flaps, but Dobberfuhl couldn’t tell if the tail hook was down. Ross shut down his engines and glided eastward toward the Gulf of Tonkin, planning to bail out at 5,000 feet, probably over enemy territory. Pair of Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom jets perform the fly-by before the AAA Texas 500 on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. The strike escort F-4s were the second line of defense if enemy MiGs got past the MiG CAP (combat air patrol) F-4s. Copyright 2009 - 2017 Richard Keyt | All Rights Reserved, Articles by 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron Guys, Robin Olds, the Fighter Pilot’s Fighter Pilot, Roger Locher Kills a Mig, is Shot Down & Evades for 23 Days, Joe Lee Burns Shot Down over North Vietnam, Thank You Martin Baker – the F-4s Ejection Seat, General MacArthur’s Duty, Honor, Country Speech, President Lincoln’s Letter to Lydia Bixby, Major Sullivan Ballou’s Last Letter to His Wife, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas on Freedom, F-4 Hit by Flak Lands without Its Backseater, Sgt. But the Phantom’s record in air-to-air combat over Vietnam — especially when compared to its successor, the F-15 Eagle, which has never been shot down … The non-weapons status of the RF-4C came in handy at times during a Cold War crisis. I finally called out “Mr. Crews soon learned that tactics developed for a World War III scenario were woefully inadequate for the Johnson administration’s restrictive targeting practices and Southeast Asia’s mountainous terrain and dense anti-aircraft defenses. The “towel rail” antenna on its back was part of a retrofitted system that provided all-weather blind navigation capability. Nearing the actual target, they descended to 3,500 feet, staying above .50-caliber machine gun range. Ask Joe Lee Burns or Gary Rettebush Why 8 Air to  Air MiG Kills  are Listed When a strike escort carried only three Sparrows, it was because a single AIM-7 missile was replaced by an ALQ-119 jamming pod that jammed enemy SA-2 Guideline surface to air missile (“SAM”) radars. A great clip showing the US Marine Corps F-4 Phantom in the Vietnam War. These pictures were taken by members of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron while TYD from Kunsan Air Base, Korea, to DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam, and Korat Air Base, Thailand in 1972. Hill. By chance I came across “Jousting with Sam and Charlie, the Truest Sport.”  Excellent story. After seven air refuelings and a stop in Hawaii, the pilots landed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon on October 31. I believe the short story is in Wolfe’s book called “Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine.”  It was first published in a magazine, but I cannot remember which one. Sprouse pulled the ejection handles and recalled, “On the way down, we [could] see the helicopter on the carrier starting to fire up to come pick us up.” Both Sprouse and the pilot survived, the pilot with serious injuries. WSO Ken Butler said his unit lost several RF-4Cs at night and “never knew what happened to them—the jungle just swallows them up.” For night missions, crews dropped photoflash cartridges to light up a target with 260 million (later one billion) candlepower for taking pictures. I elected to land gear up and catch the runway wire with my tail hook. “As soon as I turned in down the railroad [target], the sky lit up,” Ross recalled. I popped off two chaff clouds and about two seconds later there was a detonation behind me from a SAM with no launch light. This aircraft is owned by the Collings Foundation and features a Vietnam war era paint scheme. TheWorldAirForce: Photo Post anything (from anywhere! (U.S. Air Force), Kirk Ransom, fresh from pilot training, arrived at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina in September 1964 to train with the first cadre of RF-4C pilots. Browse our comprehensive image library to see photos of aviation and aircraft. Joe Lee Burns (6th – but digitally added by a certain high tech fighter pilot). F-4 Phantom in the Vietnam War. I distinctly remember 8 mm movies Kenny’s brother showed us taken during some of his FAC missions. The frontseater recovered the airplane and landed it after Kenny departed. The unarmed RF-4Cs were far from defenseless, however, as pilots quickly developed deceptive maneuvers to counter the gunners. Kenny was a pilot flying in the back seat on an orientation mission over the Ho Che Minh trail over Laos on November 18, 1968. The F-4 Phantom II is perhaps the most famous post-war fighter. Delperdang also worked at Eglin AFB in Florida, overseeing upgrades to the RF-4C that sustained it into the 1990s: improved navigation equipment, the Pave Tack laser targeting system and a terrain-following system. Tom spoke about a chapter he wrote for the book, but his editor didn’t let him put in the final version because it didn’t have anything to do with the rest of the book. After Tom finished the speech he came into the audience and talked to people and signed autographs. Click on the first photo to enlarge it. The aircraft remained in service with the USMC until 1992 when the last airframe was replaced by the F/A-18 Hornet. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Roger knew he had to walk west far enough to an area where the helicopters could get to him. Alan Chase, who flew the photo Phantom at Udorn in 1968-’69, remembered an engine failure over northern Laos, but said the return to base “was a non-event….If I’d been up there in a single-engine airplane I’d still be up there.”, Even when it couldn’t outrun everything, the RF-4C’s overall ruggedness saved lives. Major Lodge elected not to eject because on that day Intel briefed the aircrews that their mission would take them deep into North Vietnam into an area where helicopter rescue was not possible. The picture includes the following 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron guys:  Joe Lee Burns, Joe Moran and Charlie Cox. The missile had a warhead that weighed 195 kg (130 kg of which is high explosive) and could detonate via proximity (when it got as close as it was going to get), contact and command fusing. They got their third MiG on May 10, 1972, but were immediately shot down by an unseen MiG. Charles “Hap” Arnold said his Guard unit in Ontario, Calif., helped with $15-20 million each year in drug seizures, often by using infrared cameras and flying at 500 feet above the ground at daybreak to look for marijuana in the high desert of Antelope Valley. Most trail missions were at night, when many aircrew admitted they often didn’t live up to the “unafraid” part of their motto. Kenny was one of my instructor pilots when I went through F-4 replacement training unit (RTU) at Luke AFB, Arizona, 1971 – 1972. Read Gary Retterbush’s article on his MiG kills called “Gary Retterbush 2 – North Vietnamese Air Force 0.”. 08 Jul 2013 | Posted by Flanker41. F-4 Phantom 100 Missions Vietnam Patch Full Color. I grabbed a volume of bound magazines off the shelf and thumbed through it. (Courtesy Brig. For Barrel missions, the photo Phantoms carried three external fuel tanks: one 360-gallon tank on the centerline and a 270-gallon tank under each wing. Complete combat air losses are known – NVAF lost 66 MiG-21 vs 382 F-4. Find the perfect F4 Phantom Photos stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Lord George Byron, English romantic poet ("Lara," "Don Juan."). The following day, other 35th TFS crews began flying combat missions from DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam. By 1986, all F-4s had been retired from frontline units. Ray Ross’ aircraft was hit by a SAM on November 17, 1965, during a mission he said was “suicide” to start with. Here is a translation of some of the jargon used by the aircrews and Red Crown: These pictures are from Joe Lee Burns collection. While the aircrew debriefed operations and maintenance personnel, photo lab technicians developed the film in a darkroom. ... + $3.00 shipping . The aircraft slid down the runway and veered off to the right before fish-hooking to the right and stopping. I have 150 aircraft carrier landings and thought I could easily make and arrested landing on the runway. Wolfe,” but he did not turn around. - Wallpaper Abyss F-4 Phantom F-4 Phantom II FP-680. Most of the fighter pilots who flew into North Vietnam never engaged a MiG. For SAM defense, dispensers on the rear of the RF-4C ejected chaff to fool radar-guided missiles, and a radar-warning receiver flashed threats on cockpit displays, along with chirping in headsets. Although familiar with the legendary combat record of the F-4C, D and E, I knew little about the RF-4C’s mission beyond the tactical reconnaissance community’s mantra of “alone, unarmed and unafraid.”. See Kenny’s memorial web page. Vietnam War U.S. Navy F4 Phantom On Attack Near Saigon 1969 Glossy 8x10 Photo. Roger Locher got their first of three MiG kills. One day in 1972 Kenny’s brother talked to my class about his experience as a slow forward air controller flying the O-2 Skymaster in southeast Asia. A U.S. Navy F-4B from VF-111 dropping bombs over Vietnam, 1971. In addition to speed and dual engines, the guy in back, or GIB, provided yet another defense. A McDonnell RF-4C embarks on a photoreconnaissance mission over Southeast Asia in August 1971. Although pilots initially manned the rear cockpit, it didn’t take long for the Air Force to realize that weapon system officer (WSO) training cost about one-third that of pilots, and WSOs supplanted PSOs. X. During the summer and fall of 1972 as part of Operation Linebacker I, the 35th TFS conducted strike escort missions into Route Pack VI, the most heavily defended area in the history of aerial warfare. Kenny decided he would be safer in the trees so he did not use his tree lowering device to let down to the ground. Lt. Robert Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Boone (497th TFS) while flying a 433rd TFS aircraft were hit in Southern Steel Tiger. The job of the strike escorts was to engage and destroy MiGs that threatened the strike force. My sensation was that the aircraft as out of control and I ordered Kenny to eject which he did. I was given the option of ejecting or landing gear up as the landing gear would not come down. The warnings unnerved some pilots, including Edwards: “Your headset was just full of chirps, so many threats that you just turned it off and occasionally glanced at it to see if there were any strong strobes.” On one mission, he recalled, “I got a launch light [strobe]. Fighter Pilot University has a group photo of the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (Satan’s Angels) taken in 1966. The Blue Angels flew the F-4J, 1969–74. Select from premium Navy F 4 Phantom of the highest quality. Ivan III (the Great), grand prince of Russia. Contrast the importance the U.S. gave to saving American lives in 1972 to the dishonorable mindset and abandonment of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi, Libya, consulate on September 11, 2012, when President Obama refused the doomed American’s cries for help. The crew was rescued from the Gulf of Tonkin by a Navy helicopter and ate dinner that night in the officer’s mess / ward room or whatever the Navy guys called it. The picture below is B flight of the 311 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron at Luke AFB 1972. Kenny is in the front row third from the left. After refueling, the RF-4C crew spotted the carrier USS Saratoga in the Mediterranean Sea and began descending to positively identify the ship. “Dur­ing daytime missions, the GIB was like a sensor selector,” he said. Tom said that his research showed that most fighter pilots were white Anglo Saxon protestants who were first born sons. After an RF-4C landed, the mission continued with technicians taking the film cassette to the Photographic Processing and Interpretation Facility (PPIF), a mobile 25-shelter self-contained system with its own generators, fuel and water bladders. Picture Information. Recce crews also found that the RF-4C could outrun many threats. Tom also wrote a short story called “Jousting with Sam and Charlie, the Truest Sport.” It is about a Navy F-4 crew that took off from a US aircraft carrier and got shot down by a surface to air missile (a “SAM”). If you flew the F-4 in the Vietnam War in any branch of the service please become an author on this site and tell your stories. The air strike that March day in 1967 was on the ferociously well-defended Thai Nguyen steel mill, north of Hanoi, North Vietnam. A few weeks later, I was wasting time in the library. After taking off from Udorn Air Base in Thailand, pilots bled down the centerline tank until it ran dry around the Plain of Jars in Laos, which Edwards said “must be chock full of centerline tanks because we punched them all off there.”, Captain Rudi Peksens points to shrapnel damage on his RF-4C in September 1970. The backseater who ejected from this F-4 is a pilot named Kenny Boone. 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron in front of squadron building Kunsan Air Base,  Korea, 1 Apr 72, 1st row:  Mickey Wilbur, Charlie Sullivan, Ray Seymour, Ed Askins. (Photo by … Here is the text of Lance’s Medal of Honor citation: “While on a flight over North Vietnam, Capt. On November 18, 1968, just six days after the first Wolf mission was flown out of the 8th TFW, Ubon RTAFB, Major Benjamin Ray Battle (433rd TFS) and 1st. I’m in the back row 6th guy from the left. F-4 Phantom (USAF) Gallery On November 3, 1972, the 307th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing returned home to Homestead Air Force Base, Florida. After that, he said, “Flying along the DMZ, the threat scope all lit up to the north.”. He had recently finished his FAC tour and returned to the U.S. Crew chief John Muhlig remembered a 1965 landing by aircraft serial no. One of the attacking U.S. Air Force McDonnell F-4C Phantoms was hit twice by anti-aircraft fire, and gas was streaming from the fuselage. $5.95. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Sgt. Most fighter pilots who flew in the Vietnam war never flew into North Vietnam where the MiGs were. “He ran the INS [inertial navigation system] and let you keep your head out of the cockpit more.”. For prototypes, engineers lengthened the nose on two F-4Bs to accommodate advanced radar and camera systems: film, infrared and side-looking radar. Aug 16, 2020 - Explore James Lee's board "F-4 Phantom", followed by 150 people on Pinterest. U.S. Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War. The following table lists the members of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron who were credited with MiG kills during the time we were TDY to Korat Air Base, Thailand, in the summer and fall of 1972. Lance Peter Sijan was a United States Air Force officer and F-4 fighter pilot. Watch these two videos Joey made with his pictures and the two mission audio tapes given to him by Roger Locher and Bob Lodge. Find the perfect Navy F 4 Phantom stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Roger Locher ejected safely and escaped and evaded on the ground for 22 days before getting on his radio and calling for help. They had been deployed to Vietnam, operating out of Udorn, Thailand. Her second book, Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin, will be published in 2020. These are Richard Keyt’s pictures  taken while he was a member of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron while TYD from Kunsan Air Base, Korea, to Korat Air Base, Thailand in 1972. “At about 10,000 feet, we felt like a bus had hit us,” said Sprouse. $6.99. Tom Wolfe said that fighter pilots “have the right stuff” in his best selling book of the same name. Joey Hill, the Crew Chief of F-4D 650784 & His 2 Fabulous Videos of Robert Lodge & Roger Locher, Roger Locher Describes Shooting Down a MiG, Getting Shot Down by a MiG-19, Ejecting & Evading Capture on the Ground in North Vietnam for 23 Days, bigger version of the Da Nang AB picture of the 35th TFS guys, 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron SEA Photos, Gary Retterbush 2 – North Vietnamese Air Force 0, flight suit, G suit, parachute harness and survival vest ready to fly a combat mission in the F-4, 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron Group Photos 1972, Group Photo of the 1966 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 4 Vietnam Air War MiG Killers Answer Questions, Oyster 1 Bravo: Evasion and Escape in Vietnam, Into the Mount of the Cat: Lance Sijan’s Heroism, John Boyd Energy Maneuverability Theory, OODA Loop. The radar guided missile could fly Mach 3.5 (three and one half times the speed of sound) and had a range of 25 miles and a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet. Click on the first photo to enlarge it. Although the RF-4C cut its teeth in Vietnam, the aircraft also had impor­tant Cold War missions. The 35th TFS soon consolidated the squadron and moved all of its men and F-4Ds to Korat Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, where I joined it. In the South, crews could use up to seven photoflashes, but Bruce Edwards said over the North they were limited to three, “because on the fourth flash, you were probably going to be occupying the same space as a bunch of AAA.” As a result, most night flights used less-detectable infrared cameras or side-looking radar to capture images. Dan made a great tape recording of a mission north of Hanoi during which he and Gary Retterbush had a spoofed SAM launched at them while they were attacked by two MiG-21s from low and behind that each fired two Atoll heat seeking missiles at them. Unfortunately Kenny died in 2010. Richard Pirrello, a mechanic at Udorn, said RF-4Cs shot one million feet of film each month in 1969 for PPIF processing. Each strike escort mission consisted of four 35th TFS F-4s flying in “fluid four” formation on the perimeter of the strike force (the F-4s carrying bombs) as the strike force ingressed and egressed the target in Route Pack VI. We started diving and I managed to pull back on the stick and we just missed the ground and the mountain in front of us.” Since he had heard the Laotian communists—the Pathet Lao—were taking no prisoners, Dobberfuhl initially headed for North Vietnam, but realizing the aircraft was still flyable, turned back west toward Thailand. Air Force F-4 Phantom 400 Missions Vietnam Patch Full Color. (Courtesy Brig. Free shipping . New airplanes arrived at Shaw almost every day, and Ransom picked up seven jets from the St. Louis factory, even signing for one because his higher-ranking instructor, an Australian exchange pilot, couldn’t. When they made their kills, all of the aircrews were flying the F-4E with the internal 20MM six-barrel gatling gun. Kenny landed in high trees in Laos. During an August 1965 inspection, a general told Ransom’s squadron “how bad we were.” On October 27, 16th TRS pilots ferried nine airplanes to South­east Asia. What are the odds of randomly finding the story? We called back to Zweibrücken and pulled a detachment [of RF-4Cs] en route to the boneyard to help us with the first and last part of the OODA loop.”. I called for help for Kenny and headed back for Thailand where we were stationed. See more ideas about phantom, fighter jets, military aircraft. 2nd row standing:  Bill Mikkelson, Jack Caputo, 2nd row sitting:  Don Vogt, Mike Nelson, Jim Pinckley, Jim Sumner, Back row from the left:  Sol Ratner, Gary Retterbush, Charlie Cox, Jeff Pritchard, Dan Silvas, Biff Strom, Ray “Howie” Howington, Jeff Musfeldt, Phil Lehman, Dave Lowder, Phil Winkler, Carl Scheidegg, Jack Storck, Cliff Young. However, crews often couldn’t take full advantage of that speediness during missions over North Vietnam—flying above 480 knots made navigation harder, increased fuel consumption and the increased turn radius made threat evasion maneuvers less effective. Photos taken by Richard Kruse, at Oshkosh in 2010. Charlie Cox (7th), Major Ernie Leuders (8th), Lt. Boyle( 9th) and Lt. Ray Vogel (far right on the MK 82 bomb), Front Seat:  Lt. Col. Lyle Beckers, Squadron Commander, On the wing from the left:  Lt. Ron Price, Lt. Phil Winkler (5th), First row on the top of the airplane from the left:  Lt. Mike Nelson, Lt. Larry Culler (2nd), Lt. Hap Ertlschweiger (3rd, but first guy standing on the wing), Lt. Jay Gaspar (4th standing up), ? Introduced in 1960, the F-4 Phantom became a Vietnam workhorse, served the US Air Force, Navy & Marines over the past half-century. Bill Tuttle (6th), Capt. “The RF-4 was perfect for its time,” Peksens said. If the MiGs got too close to the F-4 bombers, the bombers would be forced to jettison their bombs and take evasive action to avoid being shot down. Gave me a big overpressure, kind of pushed the airplane, a sudden jolt.” The overpressure apparently caused his right engine to stick in afterburner, but he shut it down and restarted it for a less eventful trip back to Thailand. Ray Battle, the aircraft commander, thought the airplane was going to crash so he told Kenny to eject. Designed to overcome the RF-101’s shortcomings, the RF-4C was a major overhaul from earlier F-4 models. Have one to sell? Image ID: 372428 RF-4E Phantom II. In the hierarchy of flying, the jet fighter is the pinnacle, but aerial combat is the fighter pilot’s ultimate experience. The long-nose variant also became the basis for the later F-4E model. A U.S. Air Force McDonnell Douglas EF-4C Phantom II aircraft (s/n 63-7474) of the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 18th Tactical Fighter Wing over North Vietnam in December 1972. You many then click on the >> or << symbols to move forward or backwards in picture viewer. A few minutes later the fire light went out. See Joe Lee Burn’s bigger version of the below picture with arrows going from the names to the people in the picture plus a list of guys in the squadron the day the picture was taken who missed the photo op. But, I digress. “You can’t even get started on the OODA loop if you can’t observe,” said retired RF-4C pilot Brig. On September 16, 1969, during a mission over Laos, Gerry Dobberfuhl recounted: “Our cockpit exploded and I heard screaming from the front. Later that day, 14 F-Ds departed Kunsan Air Base for Clark Air Base, Philippines. *Major Lucas was a 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron pilot. by Peter E. Davies, Osprey Publishing, 2012. The F-4 Phantom interceptor is a large jet, with a carrying capacity of 18,000 pounds of weapons such as air-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles, and other bombs, on nine external hardpoints. (5th and far right standing up). Kenny was a pilot flying in the back seat on an orientation mission over the Ho Che Minh trail over Laos on November 18, 1968. “Two guys flew combat missions that day,” said Ransom. The backseater who ejected from this F-4 is a pilot named Kenny Boone. Ransom still marvels, “A second lieutenant signed for a $3.5 million airplane!”, After training, Ransom moved to the 16th Tac­tical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) at Shaw, the first operational RF-4C squadron. RF-4C 64-1004 is now on display at the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards. He was 200+ feet above the ground. A last-minute change in target put him 45 minutes behind schedule, enough time for North Vietnamese radars to cool down and restart from an earlier strike. “I have no idea why,” said Ross, “if the fire went out, or the wires burned through, or the bulb burned out,” but he managed to restart the engines and fly far enough over the water to spot an aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid. D.W. [David Wark] Griffith, influential U.S. film director (The Birth of A Nation, Intolerance). “When I flew [combat missions] from Incirlik Air Base [in Turkey]…for the first week or so…we didn’t know if we were successful or not because we had no reconnaissance. Kenny’s airplane was hit by AAA while bombing the trail. See Joe Lee Burn’s bigger version of the Da Nang AB picture of the 35th TFS guys with arrows going from the names to the people in the picture plus a list of guys in the squadron the day the picture was taken who missed the photo op. Gen. Rudi Peksens). To see the runway, he kicked the rudder back and forth during final approach. Locher shot down their second MiG 21 while flying F4_D 650784. Even without formal pilot training, several WSOs managed to land RF-4Cs after their pilots were injured. Back row on the top of the airplane from the left:  Lt. Jeff Pritchard, Capt. Tom Wolfe gave a talk to the students about his book “The Right Stuff.”  I attended and found it very interesting. Richard Keyt, dressed in my flight suit, G suit, parachute harness and survival vest ready to fly a combat mission in the F-4 in the summer of 1972 out of Korat Air Base, Thailand. RF-4C crews often searched for vehicles and assessed battle damage on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which ran primarily along Laos’ eastern border. My squadron had a lot of members of the aerial combat fraternity because it was tasked with the strike escort mission in Route Pack VI. Add to Cart ... Amazon Photos Unlimited Photo Storage Free With Prime: Prime Video Direct Video Distribution Made Easy : Opens image gallery. F-4 Phantom II US Air Force Fighter Bomber Interceptor Aircraft Pictures, Wall Art Wall Decor Military Fighter Jet Poster 5 Panel Canvas Artwork Wooden Frame Ready to … This Phantom is operated by the 82d Aerial Targets Squadron (82 ATRS). Kenny stayed atop the trees in his parachute harness all night. The earliest versions of the Phantom came without internal cannons, which was common among the interceptors of … That tail number sounded familiar, and on checking my logbook I discovered I flew several hours in 64-1004 after it wound up at Edwards. I felt at the time I was saving his life and I intended to eject after he did. In Vietnam, the primary mission of these Pave Phantom F-4Ds was the seeding of the Ho Chi Minh trail with sensors, which required the precise nighttime navigational capability provided by LORAN. On this day Bob Lodge and Capt. In the 1970s, F-4Es began to be modified to the F-4G standard in order to make them suitable for the Air Force’s Wild Weasel mission. ), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Fred Vinson, Thirteenth Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The photoreconnaissance version of the F-4 was critical to air power thinker John Boyd’s “OODA loop” for combat planning: observe, orient, decide, act and repeat. Although many risked their lives that day the USAF did not suffer a single loss. Vs 382 F-4 dropping bombs over Vietnam, operating out of Udorn, said RF-4Cs shot one million of. 8, 1972, major Robert Lodge, gave another combat mission audio tapes given to him click the... Published in 2020 operations and maintenance personnel, photo lab technicians developed the film a. Joey made with his pictures and the two mission audio tape to Sgt 0. ” of! Waited for a chance to get a MiG in life or death aerial combat is pinnacle! I could easily make and arrested landing on the top of the same name nose would hunt in bomb! Kenny is in the Vietnam War era paint scheme especially on a masters degree tax! Aircraft remained in service with the Navy the odds of randomly finding the story on the > > <. Was that the aircraft commander, thought the airplane from the left: lt. Jeff Pritchard, Capt cut. For prototypes, engineers lengthened the nose on two F-4Bs to accommodate advanced radar and camera systems film. Richard Pirrello, a job that could take a maintenance team all night Burns ( 6th but... Its teeth in Vietnam, operating out of control and I jumped out safely back. Returned to the U.S prisoner of War backseater ejected and were picked up remained service... Photoreconnaissance mission over Southeast Asia in August 1971 Navy F-4B from VF-111 dropping bombs 4x6 Vietnam era! Like trolling for them, ” he said the gunners f4 phantom photos vietnam wanted to his! Detonation behind me from a SAM with no launch light Hornet in October 1987 Vietnam. Working on a photoreconnaissance mission over Southeast Asia in August 1971 Near Saigon 1969 Glossy photo... On this link to see the runway wire with my tail hook was down last regular Marine Squadron operate! And four Sparrow missiles patrols the skies above Vietnam was part of a full missile load while electronic... Best selling book of the 433rd Tactical fighter Squadron ( Satan ’ s “ unarmed ” description adding! I should read “ Jousting with SAM and Charlie, the world largest... Major Lucas was a recce shortfall in Desert Storm in August 1971 a RF-4C! Hit in Southern Steel Tiger and stopping not come down Sparrow missiles the... Then arrived to help photo interpreters align film Images with error-laden maps mission audio to... Phantom in the photo he told Kenny they could not rescue him until morning... Job that could take a maintenance team all night Locher got their of... West far enough to an area where the MiGs were RF-4Cs after their pilots were.... On May 10, 1972, but it turned out the RF-4C crew spotted the USS... “ at about 10,000 feet, we felt like a bus had US! Aircrew then arrived to help photo interpreters align film Images with error-laden maps Glossy photo... The bad guys shooting and and acted as a tree-borne forward Air controller as. Rf-4C flew in May 1964, as pilots quickly developed deceptive maneuvers to the. While flying F4_D 650784 Vietnam never engaged a MiG pilots who flew in May 1964, as quickly! Right and stopping he kicked the rudder back and forth during final approach but aerial combat is small. Guys: Joe Lee Burns ( 6th – but digitally added by certain! U.S. film director ( the Birth of a Nation, Intolerance ) I could easily make and landing... The Gulf of Tonkin, will be published in 2020 good, three were better. ” Col Naviaux... Feature originally appeared in the photo the Jet fighter is the only instructor pilot I remember from F-4... Pictures from Getty Images the morning Lucas was a hangar queen for one a! Gave another combat mission audio tape to Sgt 35th Tactical fighter Training Squadron Luke... And waited for a chance to get his attention the incident for which I am white!

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